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HHO is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases, sometimes referred to as Brown’s Gas or oxyhydrogen. It is created by electrolyzing water, which extracts the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen from the molecules of water. Usually, there are two parts hydrogen and one component oxygen in the resultant gas combination.


EDS WAGON TECH introduces the Steam Car Washer, our newest offering. For you and your clients, this product offers even more options.

It represents the maintenance and car-washing of the future. Include this item in your kit to draw in an increasing number of customers.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning


Environmentally Friendly

Zero Chemical Waste

Stops Paint Damage

Decreased Strain and Wear

What We Do

Our goods and services are made to increase engine longevity, boost fuel economy, cut emissions, and improve engine performance. Our goal is to give consumers a complete solution for preserving and maximizing the health of their car engines by using specialist tools, additives, and procedures.

Manufacturer of Carbon Cleaning Machines

We are a top producer and provider of carbon cleaning equipment, with a focus on cutting-edge automobile maintenance solutions. Our machines are built to provide accurate and effective cleaning outcomes, with an emphasis on quality and dependability.

Carbon Cleaning Services

For a variety of automobiles, Carbon Cleaning Services provides expert and effective carbon deposit removal. Our skilled specialists remove carbon buildup from engine parts, such as cylinders, fuel injectors, and intake valves, in a safe and efficient manner using cutting-edge tools and methods.

HHO Kits for Vehicles

Our specialty is selling HHO kits for cars and bikes, which are cutting-edge solutions that improve a vehicle's performance and fuel economy. Our HHO kits create HHO gas—a hydrogen and oxygen mixture—by using cutting-edge electrolysis technology. This gas is then pumped into the air intake systems of vehicles and bikes.

Steam Car Washing

Steam car washing is a very environmentally friendly product that will be in high demand for your company. It turns into a win-win situation for the environment, your customer, and you.

Coming Soon

We are thrilled to inform you that additional services will soon be available. We can guarantee you that our next services will be focused on offering creative solutions to fulfill your automobile demands, even if we are unable to disclose all the specifics just yet.

Why Choose Us

Customers that choose our business will gain from your experience, cutting-edge technology, improved performance, lower emissions, longer-lasting engines, individualized care, and well-established reputation.


In the areas of engine decarbonization, automobile engine detoxification, and carbon cleaning, our organization has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Advanced Technology

By staying up to date with the latest technology, we offer efficient and thorough cleaning processes for engines of various types and sizes.

Emission Reduction

Our services for engine decarbonization and carbon cleaning help to lower dangerous emissions.

Trusted Work

Our company has built a strong reputation in the industry for delivering high-quality services and products.

Performance Enhancement

Our services are designed to enhance engine performance by removing carbon deposits and other contaminants.

Engine Longevity

Regular carbon cleaning and engine detox can help extend the lifespan of vehicle engines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A carbon cleaning machine is a device used to remove carbon deposits from the internal combustion engines of vehicles. It uses various methods such as hydrogen technology or specialized chemicals to clean and restore engine performance.

Yes, there is a growing market for carbon cleaning machines. As environmental concerns increase and emissions regulations become stricter, many vehicle owners are seeking solutions to improve engine efficiency and reduce emissions. This creates a demand for carbon cleaning services.

The cost of a carbon cleaning machine can vary depending on the technology and features. Prices can range from a 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs for more advanced models. Consider your budget and the specific needs of your target market when selecting a machine.

While specific requirements can vary depending on your location, it’s advisable to acquire appropriate certifications or training related to automotive maintenance and carbon cleaning. Familiarize yourself with the operational procedures, safety guidelines, and any local regulations that may apply.

Yes, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the optimal performance of your carbon cleaning machine. The cost of the component used in the machine 1000/-.  Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for servicing, cleaning, and replacing any necessary components. Proper maintenance will help extend the machine’s lifespan and avoid breakdowns.

The profitability of your carbon cleaning business will depend on various factors such as your pricing, operating costs, customer base, and market demand. As environmental regulations become stricter, the demand for carbon cleaning services is likely to increase. Additionally, you can explore expanding your services to other related areas, such as engine tuning or performance enhancements.


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